Nick Keller

Nick Keller is a composer, multi-instrumentalist musician, and producer whose musical career spans over a decade. His work can be heard across major television networks in over 160 countries worldwide, most recently on UNIKITTY!, one of the most popular animated shows for kids.

With over a decade of experience in producing and composing, Nick has scored over 175 episodes of television and series, on leading cable networks like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers. Nick's versatile background in electronic & orchestral music puts him at the forefront of up and coming composers.

Other recent projects include Nickelodeon's SPACE MISSION: DANGER!, the short film REVENGE STORY, and Ed Skudder and Zack Keller's DICK FIGURES, the most popular animated series on YouTube of all time with nearly a billion views. 



Recent & Upcoming Projects


The foundation of Nick's music is inspired by his love of synthesizers, and combining the modern sound of soft synth with the classic orchestral elements. As a mostly self-taught pianist since the age of 5, he relies heavily on his background in production and electronic music to create music film & TV scores. In 2016, Nick joined longtime collaborator Ed Skudder on UNIKITTY! to score the hit animated Lego Movie spinoff. The show quickly became #3 on Cartoon Network worldwide in under six months. Using his accomplished background as a songwriter, he has written & produced over 20 original songs for the first two seasons of the show.

In 2013, as the in-house composer at Six Point Harness Animation, he worked with the team on DICK FIGURES THE MOVIE, which at the time became the highest-funded animated film on Kickstarter.